Fine Comb Theatre are a new writing theatre company established in the North West since 2013. The company makes issue-based theatre, giving a voice to those often unheard, with the aim of provoking thought and stimulating conversation. They have established a reputation for creating stylised, innovative and intriguing productions within delicate subject matters. Inspired by fact, infused with fiction and ingrained in Fine Comb attention to detail.

Fine Comb Theatre are currently Associate Artists at Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Rachel McMurray, our company director and writer, has written original scripts for all four of our productions, drawing from her involvement in working in prison theatre and from her own personal experiences. She has a Master of Arts in Applied Theatre with a passion for theatre as a platform for social change.

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Catherine Morefield, our producer, trained at the Independent Centre for Actor Training, using Mike Alfred's techniques to explore the complexity of what makes a truthful performance. She has worked as an actor in TV and commercials alongside running the company.

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Thank You

Of course, all our projects wouldn't be possible without the help of these wonderful people:

Chris Lawson / Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Naomi Albans / Director

Peter Hilton, Richard Brown, Carol Rees / BEPG

Josh Price / Nest of Cogs Poster Design

Mark Fox, Adam Lyon, Richard Talbot, Niki Woods / Salford University