Getting to know: Cat Morefield

Who am I? The other half of Fine Comb – also hailing from Switzerland. I was born in Portsmouth and reluctantly moved to Basel at the age of six because of my dad’s job. I say reluctantly because I had to leave my pet rat behind. Pet rats trumped friends in those days. We were only meant to stay in Basel for a couple of years, but ended up staying until I finished school and went on to study Performing Arts at Salford University, eleven years later. Salford University was a big eye opener for me. We were encouraged to write, make, and devise our own work. Of course, we made a lot of terrible work to begin with, but it helped us to develop our creativity and imagination. I’m sure a lot of us

Getting to know: Rachel McMurray

Who am I? For the purpose of this blog, I am aware that this question was pinned as an introductory point. A chance for me to give readers a bit of my professional background, particularly related to theatre. However I feel learning about my professional background doesn't give a good sense of who I actually am as a person. So bare with me while I give a more rounded summary of Rachel McMurray. The first way I'd describe myself is as a bit of a nomad. I was born in the States, and lived in eight different countries before the age of ten. No, my family is not in the military. My parents work in international education. I'm not sure if it was from the constant moving or something innate but

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