The Other Side of the Audition

I’m sure a lot of actors would agree that auditions are scary things. And over the last five years as a jobbing actor, I’ve been to my fair share. You’ve got the cattle-market commercial audition, where you enter the reception and thirty other people who look just like you are waiting to be seen. You’re in and out in less time than it takes you to brush your teeth in the morning. The TV drama audition, where you’re given a piece to prepare from the script that’s three pages long, the night before the audition. Also over in a few minutes. And for theatre, the standard monologue audition. Everything hangs on that one performance of the monologue you chose. Is it the right one? Could they see m

The Story Behind Matchsticks

It was a standard grey day in Manchester when I jumped out of the taxi at Strangeways prison. Although I knew it existed, I had never actually seen the building up close. Safe to say it wasn’t quite what I anticipated. Strangeways sits in the centre of town, surrounded by society going about their everyday business. That morning we were meant to be performing on one of the wings. We were looking at The 7 Strands of Discrimination, performing scenes and following up with workshops to address these issues within the prison. We turned up and were told that no performance would happen that morning. There had been ‘a hanging’ in the prison, where one of the inmates had taken his own life. This wa

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