Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 5

I'm Nancy and I'm playing Joyce, Adam's Mum as well as the role of the Mediator in Not Yours, Mine. I'm a Manchester-based actor and this is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Cat and Rachel, after working with them on Fine Comb Conversations at The Oldham Coliseum last year. Today is the 5th day of what has been a very enjoyable and pretty intensive R&D week on the play. So much has been covered in such a short space of time! The brilliant thing for me about being in a room with these girls is the fact that they're not precious about things. The rehearsal room really is a collaborative space and there is an element of 'play' at the centre of everything they do. This ope

Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 3

My name is Shaban Dar; I am an actor based in Manchester and in this blog I will be talking about my experience on working with Fine Comb Theatre on their new play Not Yours, Mine. Firstly, I want to talk a little about the audition process; the audition was smooth from the start to finish. I would have to say this audition was one of my favourite auditions I have done because I was able explore movement, a monologue and a new script. As an actor it is always a good feeling when you actually get a decent amount of time in the audition room to really showcase your work. The R&D week for the play has been very promising, the play is focusing on some real important issues and I believe it will

Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 2

I’m Dan and I am playing Adam in the R&D for Not Yours, Mine. I have been working as an actor in Manchester over the last year after moving up from London. I’d heard about Fine Comb Theatre through word of mouth before coming across their casting call on Twitter. I was made to feel very welcome in the audition which would have been a very useful and positive experience regardless of the outcome. Two days in and we have choreographed most of the physical theatre scenes which add another layer of storytelling and further insight into the characters’ worlds. It has been interesting exploring the transition from a naturalistic scene to choreographed moments of physical theatre and how that can c

Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 1

Hi, Cat here! Producer and 'multi-role female' in our latest show Not Yours, Mine written and directed by Rachel McMurray. So, after months and months of having my producer hat on: dealing with Arts Council applications, presentations, meetings, scheduling etc... we're finally here, at our first day of rehearsals! And boy did it feel good to get stuck into the creative side of this project. As much as I love the organisational side of my role as producer, there's nothing quite like being an actor/theatre-maker jumping headfirst into a brand new project; its scary and exhilarating in equal measure. So, what did Day 1 look like? We started with some icebreakers and get-to-know-yous with our ca

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