Not Yours, Mine R&D Observations

The wonderful Fine Comb Theatre allowed me to observe their R&D for their next project Not Yours, Mine. After working with Fine Comb before, I knew I would be walking into a creative hub with ideas bouncing off the walls! I was not wrong. From looking back at my notes, my scribbles show that this was a place where everyone in the room was an actor, director and creative. This R&D was an opportunity to see Actors taking on new writing in an open space, where they could collaborate their own ideas, change any phrasing or add in necessary text and also for Rachel to see for herself what worked and didn’t. The story itself is tough and full of battling emotions, but the environment for creating

Not Yours, Mine R&D Reflections

It’s fair to say that the R&D of Not Yours, Mine can be described as intense, hilarious, energetic, and creative. As both writer and director, my own personal challenge was on differentiating the two roles whilst in the rehearsal room. After a day or two of focusing on script, I had to be strict with myself and switch off my ‘writer head’ and focus on directing. When beginning the R&D it was fair to say my focus was on the closed-sharing we planned. I was aware this was being filmed and seen by industry invitees. It was only through the support of our mentors, Chris Lawson, Kash Arshad and Rachel McBride, that I was able to understand that R&D was about focusing on play and exploration and t

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