Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 5

So two weeks of rehearsals have drawn to a close and it’s safe to say it has been a full, creative and exciting few weeks of work. It’s that time in the rehearsal room that makes the endless admin and unpaid hours of producing and prep work completely worth it. As cheesy as it sounds, the rehearsal room is where the ‘magic’ happens. It’s where you are privileged enough to experience a group of creatives coming together and exploring the way to tell a story; this story. I’ve been so fortunate to be working with an open and flexible group of actors. It’s been such a pleasure creating a playful environment where nothing is too odd to try, and everything is worth trying. I’ve really enjoyed expl

Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 4

‘Ello! Ned here, playing LEWIS in Not Yours, Mine. The second week of rehearsals are coming to a close, and with that we’re now starting to run the play in its entirety more and more. This is a great way for us to get a good idea of which scenes need a bit more refining and adjusting before we open on June 1st. We have a slightly unconventional rehearsal schedule in the sense that we won’t be meeting next week until Friday afternoon, for a day and a half of tech and dress rehearsals, and then our first performance on Saturday evening. I reckon it’s inevitable we’re all going to be a little nervous getting back to it after a few days off, but rehearsing so intensely and constructively fo

Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 3

Hi, I’m Kate and I play the character Joyce (Adam's Mum) in ‘Not Yours, Mine’ at Oldham Coliseum. Firstly what a treat it is to work with such a friendly, creative and dynamic Theatre Company. I echo what’s been said in previous Blogs that we quickly established great rapport as a group. Rachel( the Director) has a very collaborative & playful way of working which means you are able to build great synergy right from the start. Any initial nerves or anxiety’s were alleviated immediately by her creating a safe & fun space in which to rehearse. Today (day 8) we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Rachel McBride, (movement practitioner) thank you Rachel! We spent the morning e

Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 2

Hi there, This is Jake - playing the role of 'Adam' in Not Yours, Mine at Oldham Coliseum Theatre. As a company we are 5 days into the rehearsal process and I think we are all most pleasantly surprised at just how much of the play we have already been able to cover! For someone who hasn't done any stage work for almost a whole year since my final year at drama school, I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to welcome me back into the theatre environment. The company for this production have shown the perfect balance between dedicated professionalism, and the ability to just have fun and make everyone feel comfortable, and at ease. It's brilliant how one moment we can all be serio

Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 1

Hello, Cat here - producer and multirole female in Not Yours, Mine at Oldham Coliseum Theatre this June. We've just finished Day 3 of rehearsals, and I'm amazed by how much we've covered in the script and how much we've bonded as a team over just three days. Both the cast and production team have thrown themselves into the project, which has brought a playful, exciting and creative ambience to the rehearsal room. We started with a Meet & Greet with the staff at the Coliseum, followed by a tour of the building which really welcomed the team to the venue. We then did a script read-through, and Rachel McMurray (writer & director) led us through some ice-breaking and ensemble-building exercises

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