April 2018


Four short plays opening a dialogue on subjects often swept under the carpet


Touchy subjects, taboos, and things we just don’t say... But we all think. So why not be honest and start to talk, rather than shy away? From gender and sexuality to mental health and relationships, Fine Comb Theatre opens an honest dialogue on topics that are often swept under the carpet.

Four plays, four casts and four conversations that should be had. Come and join us for some Fine Comb Conversations.

The Plays

There's A Fly In My Room

A bold and daring autobiographical exploration of a young woman suffering with anxiety. In a society where people are regularly telling her to ‘just stop worrying’ it gives an honest insight to the uncontrollable irrational thoughts of a sufferer. With no set and no props, three actors share this dynamic piece. There’s a Fly in My Room combines humour and brutal honesty to shed light on a surprisingly common, yet often silenced area of mental health


An unapologetic, quick-witted and humorous exploration of the expectations of women in bed. Following three women, with differing sexual experiences and preferences, Sexpectations looks at how society, porn and the media affects women when it comes to bumping uglies.


In the light of day, surrounded by houses, how is it that no one has seen or heard anything? Jack and Lewis, two best friends, get caught up in the dark games of gang rivalry.  On an estate where reputation and loyalty is everything, can PC Sanders get justice for a single mother and her son?

Measuring Up

When three men await their appointments at the bank, masculinity, anonymity and money matters. Do they all measure up? And more importantly, do they want to?






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