"One tree makes a million matchsticks.

That's what I like, knowing I could use a million and have basically no affect on the outside."

In prison, where choice is restricted and control is enforced, change seems impossible. When Dani gets sent to prison counselling for anger issues she is reluctant to communicate with her counsellor, Heather. Heather introduces Dani to the art of matchstick modelling. What happens when two very different women, from contrasting backgrounds, find common ground in the unlikeliest of circumstances? Matchsticks forces us to consider the value of art, the importance of relationships, and the impact of incarceration. Inspired by a true story, it provides a window into the often-misunderstood lives of prison inmates.

Originally titled Matchstick Models, this piece started in its R&D state at the Play4Free festival in Manchester. Then we took it to Basel, Switzerland as a one-act play. We adapted it into a two-hander production for the Greater Manchester Fringe. Most recently, we took it to the Oldham Coliseum Studio as part of our Studio Takeover.

Rachel McMurray

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield


Naomi Albans

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield

Sebastian Bland (Theater Arlecchino)

Phil Thackray (53two)

Kevin Leach (Oldham Coliseum)

Bensound & FreeSFX







Audio Credits:

Nominated for Best Newcomer & Best Drama

Shortlisted for the Write for the Stage Award


Fantastic performance from @FineCombUK 's @RachelMcMurray1 and @CatMorefield at last night #matchsticks. @53two #bagsoftalent


Bravo to @FineCombUK @53two brilliant to be addressing such issues in the prison system & shedding light on the importance of creativity


Brilliant work @FineCombUK making passionate, important theatre in Manchester! #Matchsticks.Top performances @RachelMcMurray1 @CatMorefield


#Matchsticks is exactly why everyone should go to the theatre. Very moving, skilfully written and beautifully acted. Great work @FineCombUK!


Had the pleasure of watching #Matchsticks tonight @53two Wonderful stuff! Really important theatre, beautifully done! Congrats!


Well done on Matchsticks @FineCombUK! Great writing, sensitive issues- based on a true story. Felt like I was watching a live ep of @OITNB!


@RachelMcMurray1 @FineCombUK Thank you for having us this afternoon, we were so pleased to see #Matchsticks Well done to everyone involved!


Two great @GMFringe plays today at @53two - @TheLovesofOther and #Matchsticks by @FineCombUK highly recommend catching both this week!

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