June 2019

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Not Yours, Mine

Oldham Coliseum Theatre

1st, 4th, 6th & 7th June 2019

Supported by Arts Council England.

It’s his, but she’s denying it. She’s having it, but he can’t see it. But

that doesn’t mean he’s not going to try.


Adam lives at home with his agoraphobic mother Joyce. His girlfriend Kate has fallen pregnant but following a breakdown of their relationship is refusing Adam access.

With an incomprehensible judicial system, his mother’s obsessive Amazon orders, and an unwavering ex-girlfriend, he’s at a cluttered and confusing standpoint.

Not Yours, Mine explores a wider journey of struggle, self-destruction, class and complex relationships in a stylised, visceral piece with movement and spoken word.

"An accomplished and genuinely distinctive blend of spoken word and physical expression. Beneath its skilfully stylised exterior, it’s also a very human story. One where there are no real winners or losers – only two young parents and a legal system not fit for purpose."
- Circles & Stalls









Creative Mentors:



Sound Designer:

Rachel McMurray

Rachel McMurray

Jake Henderson

Kate Hampson

Ned Cooper

Catherine Morefield

Catherine Morefield

Kash Arshad

Chris Lawson

Rachel McBride

Sophie Giddens

Grant Archer

Ed Gallyot