Getting to know: Cat Morefield

Who am I?

The other half of Fine Comb – also hailing from Switzerland. I was born in Portsmouth and reluctantly moved to Basel at the age of six because of my dad’s job. I say reluctantly because I had to leave my pet rat behind. Pet rats trumped friends in those days.

We were only meant to stay in Basel for a couple of years, but ended up staying until I finished school and went on to study Performing Arts at Salford University, eleven years later.

Salford University was a big eye opener for me. We were encouraged to write, make, and devise our own work. Of course, we made a lot of terrible work to begin with, but it helped us to develop our creativity and imagination. I’m sure a lot of us joined the course to develop our acting skills, but having the opportunity to write, direct, produce, etc. made us approach theatre in a more holistic way. We had free access to their rehearsal rooms, studio space, props, costume and set (even if the project had nothing to do with our studies), so Rachel and I put on some performances just for the hell of it. Our first was The Breakfast Club. This really made me realise that yes, a bunch of actors can get together and put on a show, and hey, I also enjoy some of the other duties that go into it – mainly on the production side of things.

After university, I went on to pursue my career in waitressing, barista-ing, sales assistant-ing and call centre-ing. I got an agent and was getting the odd acting jobs here and there, but the lack of control in this industry, and the tits and teeth commercial work I was doing got me yearning for creative work with a little more depth. Less tits more heart, less teeth more mind! It also got me a little down in the dumps, and I was losing my confidence as an actor. So I went to the Independent Centre for Actor Training (ICAT) to help me grow as an actor and bring back my self-assurance.

Fine Comb and ICAT have given me a chance to take more control over my creative career. ICAT gave me the confidence, and Fine Comb has given me the platform to make theatre that I care deeply about. It's on our terms. We do it the way we want, with whoever we want, whenever we want.

....Well, to a certain extent. Funding permitted.

Strangest role I have ever had?

Performing arts students are no strangers to weird roles. In my first year of university a director got myself and five other girls (all with long hair) to play the pubic hair of a vagina. Now that really takes the biscuit. Favourite role I have ever had? Medea. What a force of nature! Bad ass Ancient Greek witch who commits infanticide to break her cheating husband's heart as much as he’s broken hers. Oh, and killing his new wife and father-in-law while she’s at it. She didn’t do anything by halves.

First thing I think about when I wake up? Snooze button. 5 more minutes… One thing I have learnt from Fine Comb? Just do it. Put that show on, and learn as you go. I often play safe and don’t like making mistakes – but that’s all part of it, and being able to overcome and learn from them is better than never having done them at all. One thing I love about my job? We get to PLAY! I mean, it’s called a play. I love the rehearsal process – exploring, messing about, making discoveries, getting to know your character and your company – it’s like the blossoming of a new relationship. Full on, heightened emotions, big ups and downs, lots of passion, optimism, and the possibilities seem endless. One thing I find hard about my job? The unknown. Will we get that funding? Venue? Will people come to our show? Will they like it? Is it any good? If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? Say ‘fuck it’, ‘fuck off’ and ‘fuck you’ more – stand up for yourself, be honest and don’t give in to external pressures. Not everyone has to like you, and you don’t have to like everyone. (Though judging from my answer to the previous question, I still need to take this advice).

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