Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 2

I’m Dan and I am playing Adam in the R&D for Not Yours, Mine. I have been working as an actor in Manchester over the last year after moving up from London. I’d heard about Fine Comb Theatre through word of mouth before coming across their casting call on Twitter. I was made to feel very welcome in the audition which would have been a very useful and positive experience regardless of the outcome.

Two days in and we have choreographed most of the physical theatre scenes which add another layer of storytelling and further insight into the characters’ worlds. It has been interesting exploring the transition from a naturalistic scene to choreographed moments of physical theatre and how that can change the meaning of a scene entirely. Rachel and Cat allow a lot of room for creativity in rehearsals and they are always keen to try out new ideas which creates a fun and relaxing environment to work in. We also do a great warm-up before each rehearsal which brings us together as a cast and focuses us for the morning. I’m excited for the rest of the week to see what more we can do and to continue playing with this great script.

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