Not Yours, Mine R&D Day 3

My name is Shaban Dar; I am an actor based in Manchester and in this blog I will be talking about my experience on working with Fine Comb Theatre on their new play Not Yours, Mine.

Firstly, I want to talk a little about the audition process; the audition was smooth from the start to finish. I would have to say this audition was one of my favourite auditions I have done because I was able explore movement, a monologue and a new script. As an actor it is always a good feeling when you actually get a decent amount of time in the audition room to really showcase your work.

The R&D week for the play has been very promising, the play is focusing on some real important issues and I believe it will have a great impact on the audience once fully produced. There are topics in the play that I myself was unaware of and it has been very interesting learning something new whilst working.

In the rehearsal room we have focused a lot on working as an ensemble and building a coherent language between ourselves which has been important because most of the cast are multi rolling. The director, Rachel, has given us complete freedom to work freely and create movement pieces from our own instincts which are a huge part of the play. The rehearsal room has been a safe place to work throughout and everyone, including myself has been given the chance to contribute ideas at any point.

Over the week we have been able to find lots of things to work on and improve and that has happened because we have explored different forms and styles which the play could work under. There are lines and scenes we have remove and added whilst working on the play and this has allowed the play to improve.

Lastly, I would just like to say it was a pleasure working with Fine Comb Theatre for the first time and I honestly feel the company have great ideas and a great play in Not Yours, Mine. I would recommend working with this company to any actor.

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