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Cat here - producer and multirole female in Not Yours, Mine at Oldham Coliseum Theatre this June.

We've just finished Day 3 of rehearsals, and I'm amazed by how much we've covered in the script and how much we've bonded as a team over just three days. Both the cast and production team have thrown themselves into the project, which has brought a playful, exciting and creative ambience to the rehearsal room.

We started with a Meet & Greet with the staff at the Coliseum, followed by a tour of the building which really welcomed the team to the venue. We then did a script read-through, and Rachel McMurray (writer & director) led us through some ice-breaking and ensemble-building exercises (so much fun and SO important to get everyone comfortable in the room), before we delved further into script work and research behind the themes of the piece.

Day 2 we focused on the physical theatre elements of the production, with photographer Mark Russell capturing the process. I absolutely LOVE exploring and devising physical theatre; telling a story through movement and discovering the almost limitless things we can do with our bodies. I must say I pushed my body harder than I have in a while, and am feeling the aches and pains today for it! No pain no gain, right? Big thanks to movement partners Jake and Ned for trusting me and allowing me to trust them.

Day 3 was a mixture of scene work, character relationships and reminding ourselves of the physical theatre choreography from the day before. A way of resting our muscles whilst also keeping the movements fresh in our minds.

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the two week rehearsal period with this fabulous group of people, and can't wait for opening night of Not Yours, Mine on Saturday, 1st June!

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