Not Yours, Mine @ Oldham Coliseum Blog 3

Hi, I’m Kate and I play the character Joyce (Adam's Mum) in ‘Not Yours, Mine’ at Oldham Coliseum. Firstly what a treat it is to work with such a friendly, creative and dynamic Theatre Company. I echo what’s been said in previous Blogs that we quickly established great rapport as a group. Rachel( the Director) has a very collaborative & playful way of working which means you are able to build great synergy right from the start. Any initial nerves or anxiety’s were alleviated immediately by her creating a safe & fun space in which to rehearse. Today (day 8) we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Rachel McBride, (movement practitioner) thank you Rachel! We spent the morning exploring our own physicality’s and then those of our Character. Building actions, sequences & repetitions. Experimenting with rhythm, pace & contact. Being able to engage fully with your body and not over think was a very freeing and liberating exercise.

It was also really useful in developing another layer of how the characters interact with each other in their world.

Rachel has written a very thought provoking and impactful play and I can’t wait to perform with my talented cast members, Cat, Ned & Jake on the 1st, 4th, 6th & 7th of June. It’s been a blast, here’s to the rest of rehearsals. Book your tickets now!!

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