I Would Walk at Night R&D Blog Post 3

I am writing this as we come towards the end of our first week.

And what a wonderful week it has been.

This is my first experience of working with Fine Comb Theatre and also my first experience

of devising over Zoom. Having worked on other projects online during lockdown, I was

confident the process would work but I hadn’t anticipated quite how energising, fulfilling or

creative the devising process could still be when away from a rehearsal room.

Very quickly we have established a trust and playfulness between us. It often feels like we

are physically together in one room which has diminished the potential barrier of our lonely

computer screens.

Today we delved further into how rage manifests physically in our bodies, what we observe

in others and how that can be exaggerated. We noticed how we take up less physical space

and constrict ourselves as women, and how liberated and powerful the use of other

gestures can make us.

We have explored a great many gender issues during this first week; both political and

personal. At times I have been left feeling saddened by the scale of the problems and the

barriers we have highlighted but more often I have felt inspired and exhilarated by the

possibilities we are opening up.

It feels like we leave this first week with so many options to explore further that it will be an

impossible task to narrow it down but I have total trust in whichever path Rachel and Cat

choose to follow, and am delighted that I get to join in for some more of the exploration!

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