I Would Walk at Night R&D Blog Post 1

What a brilliant first day of rehearsals for our latest Arts Council funded R&D project, I Would Walk at Night.

Devising theatre over Zoom is not something I, or we as a company, have ever done before so I felt a little apprehensive as to how the day would go before we started. However, after seeing everyone together, going over some Zoom logistics, and doing some get-to-know-you games, we were well and truly in a creative zone. It's so important to spend time playing at first, it builds such a strong rapport within the group and a sense of ease within the space we've created.

Our main focus for the day was looking at the news article that inspired the idea for the piece, and had some deep discussions on the topic of gender inequalities and what girls are taught from a young age to protect themselves from men. I was inspired by how open and eager our creatives have been to discuss their views and experiences on the matter, and I truly feel that lead deviser/director, Rachel, has created a safe and trustworthy space for us to explore sensitive issues around the topic of gender inequalities and sexism.

It's been such an inspiring day, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing where the research takes us and how our theatre piece will develop!

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