I Would Walk at Night R&D Blog Post 4

I am so grateful for the incredible women in my life. They are strong and funny and raging and thoughtful and the list continues on and on and I love them. Working with Fine Comb over the past week and a half has made me realise how grateful I am to have these superb women in the world. I was a little apprehensive about a two week R&D over Zoom but Fine Comb have made it a joy. I will desperately miss seeing their faces next week.

We have managed to explore the subject of equality in so many different forms armed with our notebooks, post it notes and pens. They have managed to make the job playful and joyful and heavy and hilarious in this odd format. Imagine a world without fear and what that does to our bodies and minds. Fear is so ingrained in me, and I have become so accepting of it, that I’m not sure I even see it as fear anymore…it has just become life as a woman. Then you are offered an opportunity to look at the possibility of an alternative, and it is liberating. And once you have imagined the alternative you want to fight for it, because it is absolutely possible. I have found myself crying with laughter and sadness this week as these amazing women tell their stories. There is a responsibility to strive for change and Fine Comb are taking it on head first and I love it!

This week we have begun creating characters and looking at what we think this play should be focusing on. However it is a massive challenge because with every new story or statistic there is an entirely new play...the subject matter is vast to say the least.

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