The Way Things Are Blog Post 2

In the current climate, I am under no illusion how lucky we have been as a company to be able to have some

time in a rehearsal room. The last week of R&D of our newest show ‘The Way Things Are’ has been an amazing reminder of how ‘viable’ and ‘skilled’ our industry is. Whether the government decide to acknowledge it or not, those of us within the field are acutely aware of what the arts can offer people, what it takes to be an artist and what potential there is when you bring together a group of creatives in a room.

And this was affirmed to me more than ever this week.

As our company builds, we continue to focus on providing paid opportunities for artists but also opportunities for ourselves to be surrounded by talented and skilled creatives. And it was absolutely the creatives involved that made this week such a joy and such a success. Being surrounded by passionate people, who genuinely enjoy their work and are open to ‘just trying things out’, is, for me, what makes an R&D so valuable. The pressure to create a polished piece is substituted with a drive to explore and experiment. And that is absolutely what we did this week.

It’s hard to know when the new piece will be able to be before a live audience, but I hope that one day we can share this show with you all.

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