May 2014

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"What people don’t realise is that anybody can be guilty of it. I mean some of the people were you know, your average friend. Your average son in law. They’ve done nothing wrong, no history and then suddenly it came out of nowhere."

Our first original production, with the script inspired by the stories told to writer, Rachel McMurray, from prisoners of Strangeways.

Performed at Three Minute Theatre.


Set in a small village where gossip thrives and empathy doesn't, a family is torn to pieces by one event that will never leave the grapevine. Small Talk examines society's views on offenders and how this can affect not only the offenders themselves, but an entire community. The focus of the piece is on the family of an offender, all too often ridiculed in society through association.












Audio Mixer:

Rachel McMurray

Ronan Cull

Annabel Entress

Patricia Jones

Robin Lyons

Rachel McMurray

Sam Moran

Catherine Morefield

Rachel McMurray

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield

John Topliff

Tom Sallis

Catherine Morefield