June 2017

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We were selected to perform an extract of our new show There's a Fly in My Room as part of Square Scratch Night at Square Chapel Theatre in Halifax. Following the launch of their new talent development programme, Square Route, Square Chapel selected us to perform in their first Scratch Night which marked the opening of their new Copper Studio.

There's a Fly in My Room is a bold and daring autobiographical exploration of a young woman suffering with anxiety. In a society where people are regularly telling her to ‘just stop worrying’ it gives an honest insight to the uncontrollable irrational thoughts of a sufferer. With no set and no props, three actresses combined to share this dynamic piece. There’s a Fly in My Room combines humour and brutal honesty to shed light on a surprisingly common, yet often silenced area of mental health.

Audience Feedback

"Excellent. My wife suffers from anxiety & I could relate to the content. Loved the use of motion & the body as props. Just the right amount of humour to lift it too."

"Simple idea & storyline, well-presented in engaging & innovative way. Thought it was excellent."

"Difficult subject but extremely well-tackled & bittersweet."

"Well-choreographed, very tight. The acting drew me in, very believable. Great portrayal of anxiety."







Audio Credits:

Rachel McMurray

Sophie Giddens

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield

Devised by Company

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield