Untrained Heroes

June 2016

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Our second trip to Switzerland! Our friends at BEPG invited us back to perform our latest production, and back by popular demand, we held three sold out workshops with members of BEPG and local actors.


Untrained Heroes explores the lives of those who have loved ones who fight for their country: the humble civilians who are the vital source of support for our soldiers. But these often forgotten heroes of war are fighting a battle of their own. The constant waiting and worrying; the separation and momentary phone calls; the breathless reporters filling screens with images but no real news; the hope that their loved one is surviving, whilst trying to survive themselves. Through a collage of scenes and characters revealing a blend of hope, joy, fear and agony, we offer an insight into the real stories and lives of the untrained heroes.






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Rachel McMurray

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield

Josh Morter

Devised by Company

Rachel McMurray

Catherine Morefield

Daniel Billingham

Catherine Morefield

Josh Price