Suitable for:

  • Actors, performers & theatre makers

  • Directors looking for new techniques to apply to the rehearsal space

  • +16 years old


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Authentic Improvisation


As a theatre company, Fine Comb Theatre often apply
improvisation techniques in rehearsals to enhance character, explore
text and establish location and atmosphere.

Improvisation is commonly linked with humour, wit and on the spot
comedy, made famous by the much-loved TheatreSports and Whose
Line is it Anyways. However, Authentic Improvisation explores a
truthful form of improvisation which actors sometimes need in order
to explore text, build character, create scenes and perform in a
realistic manner.  It is about getting rid of fear and allowing creative
instinct to shine.


This workshop, with Fine Comb Theatre’s Rachel McMurray & Cat Morefield, will allow participants to explore authentic improvisation as a skill which can then be applied to characterization and text in rehearsals and auditions, a great device to add to your actors toolkit.

Previous workshop participants have said:

"I now have tools that I can use when approaching a script that I wouldn’t have thought to use before this workshop, I’ve never used improvisation as a tool on my own before and it makes a lot of sense."


"I always enjoy workshops led by people who make you feel welcome, relaxed and in a ‘safe space’. And I’ve never been to a workshop that has used the improv approach to a script."

 Improvisation is often associated with having people watch, with the need to entertain. Authentic improvisation is for the sake of the actor.  

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